School was extremely difficult for me. They wouldn’t let me major and minor in photography so I had to find another outlet. I’ve always had this unspoken war going on between myself and technology. So when I decided to try my hand at graphic design as a minor, you can imagine that it wasn’t a smooth path. Learning the computer was the hardest thing I had to do. And believe me, I fought it kicking and screaming the entire way. But after I got done with my classes I learned something about myself: 1) I can learn something as difficult as technology! That in and of itself is a huge feat 2) I enjoy more creative outlets than just photography. If a bride wants a save the date I can provide it for her, if a mom wants a hand made book done of her family portraits she had made I can design the lay out and create the book (all by hand of course). I opened my mind and in doing so I forced myself to learn new things that I never would have learned other wise.

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