My first time to visit Europe was the summer of 2008. It was for a study abroad course with South Alabama. I spend two glorious weeks in Spain and experienced so much! The architecture, the food….it was perfect. I took over 35 rolls of film and took almost 800 digital pictures. Clearly I loved my surroundings 🙂 We started in the city of Toledo just outside of Madrid. There I was woken up every morning by an ancient cathedral ringing its bells, I would promptly get dressed and strap three cameras around my neck and head out into the city. I am a foodie as well as being into art. I totally appreciate other cultures foods and customs. Spain made me not want to come back home! my favorite restaurant was just around the corner from the hotel and I’d eat there and look through my pictures and feel like I was living in paradise. Two weeks was just not enough time. I could have spent years in Spain and not seen everything I wanted to. From the Alahambra to downtown Madrid, I fell in love and didn’t want my experience to end.

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