Photography is something that I’ve always been interested in. Capturing moments, being a part of someones big day, watching a child dig into their very own birthday cake, these things make my job fun. I love being creative with lighting and angles. Taking a typical pose and making it unique is a challenge.

Wedding photography is definitely an avenue that I never saw myself walking down! The stress that comes with a wedding (and sometimes the families ;)) is not for the faint of heart, but there is something about seeing a brides face light up while looking at the work you produced. That face, that one or two seconds, makes all the hard work and hectic schedules and hours upon hours of editing totally worth it. I’ve been described as a people pleaser, so maybe this is why I’ve had the success I’ve had with brides. I listen to what they want, the style of photo they are looking for, and I study their personality. From there, I build a plan around how to make this day shine in her pictures.

I am a graduate from the University of South Alabama 2009. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts concentration in Photography with my minor in Graphic Design. While in school, I learned the fine art side of things. Developing film, printing in the darkroom on photo paper, and learning about different cameras dominated my time. I fell in love with the old style of photography, the historical processes, and the unique things you could do that most people have not seen. Working most nights in the lab, I accumulated several series that I am more than proud of. Finding inspiration from history, artist greats, and my current surroundings propelled me through ideas and concepts leading me through five years of art school. When graduation came around, I was fully armed with new loves for the art and a renewed sense of passion for what I do.

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  1. SaraJane

    I loved reading your story! 🙂 great website you have created!

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